czwartek, 16 lutego 2012

I love you as a friend

- This means that you do not love me?

- I love, but not so as you think.
I love you like a friend.
It's a different kind of love.
The friendships you make good friend
without expecting anything in return.

- Even the kiss?

- Do not like that, about what you think.

- I can not touch you?

- Friends over time may include,
but this is not done just like that.
Only sometimes, eg if you have not seen a long time,
or when a friend needs a human warmth,
it is sad when he cries.

- Hold me, nobody more than me
does not need your warmth and closeness.

- I can not because you love me passionately and
for you my sensitivity would mean something else
than for me.

With the Italian fairy tale "Fantaghiro"